The Dilemma of Recorded Sports

Watching NFL games in the UK has taken off in a big way this year. The three international NFL games, although not the greatest games, have received a good deal of positive support and have been well attended.

By the way, this blog is a little off the usual topic.

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed watching American Football or just football if you happen to be American (the same can be said for English muffins). Channel 4, the British TV channel and consistent supporter of the NFL, has been showing late night NFL games for years (right now I am not going to comment on the fact they split the international games between two channels). On a Sunday night/Monday morning, Channel 4 shows the live Sunday night game, which I record because it is usually a good match-up.

My dilemma is how I watch the game because a three hour football game is a big commitment, especially at the beginning of the week, and it is all too easy to watch TV in fast forward, to rewind and rewatch.

I don’t want to get the score before I watch the game because I just won’t really watch the game. Did I mention three hours is a big commitment?

There have been really surprising games recently (49ers/Broncos and Packers/Saints) and some not worth watching (Bears/Packers). What I need is a comment about the game that doesn’t spoil the game. I need someone who has already watched the game who can say, “you have to watch this game” or “don’t bother.” Or someone who will say “skip the first quarter, skim the second, but watch all of the third.”

I’d like to say it would be a good idea for a new website (anyone know if this exists yet?), but really I think catering to my personal needs might not have great income potential. Oh well, no one tell me the score of the Colts/Patriots game, it’s sitting on my planner waiting to be skimmed.

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