Batman vs Superman Sneak Peek

Superman is an alien from another planet with superhuman powers and yet somehow we expected Batman to defeat him when he threatens humanity. It’s no different from any other alien invasion movie. They arrive with technological advancements, over-whelming odds and unknown powers…and yet humanity triumphs.

Well in the recent Batman vs Superman sneak peek, Superman certainly has the upperhand. There has certainly been a great deal of speculation about what is going on here. Superman’s allegiance with logo-wearing storm troopers would seem to suggest that he has gone evil. Corrupted by his power or (more likely) controlled by Lex Luther.

The evil superman storyline seems to be slightly familiar, oh yes, Superman III. Not that the story line isn’t worth repeating, but maybe we already know what the new Batman vs Superman trailer is going to look like. We’ll have to wait and see.





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