Suicide Squad Jokermobile

A great feature on the origin of the Jokermobile that will been in the Suicide Squad arriving in about six months. Not an origin story of the Jokermobile, I assume he just steals it in the film. No, this an interesting clip about the company that makes the Jokermobile in Tampa, Florida. Apparently, it is a $60,000 kit car. Humming under the Lamborghini looking body is a G35 Infiniti. Yes, an Infiniti. I wonder if they have a Black Friday deal? Maybe a buy one, get half the car built for you?

Buying the car from the film is certainly a novel way of merchandising the film. Wonder what else you can buy from the film? Your own pet crocodile? A groupon for a session of Arkham Asylum electro-therapy? Maybe we should just stick to the film.

Check out the details.


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