Captain America Trailer

The Civil War trailer has finally been released. The film is only six months away. What do they think? We might have forgot?

The trailer is a very different from the version that was shown at D23. The focus here is much more on the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man. Bucky features a little more prominently which is clearly trying to connect this film to the previous Captain America film. The biggest problem with this film is justifying it as a Captain American film rather than a third Avengers film.

The relationship between Captain America and Bucky (you remember him, the Winter Solider, the brain-washed Hydra assassin from the last Captain America film) is presented as important to the changing approaches of the Avengers. Much of the trailer is trying to focus our attention on the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man to the deficit of any villains. The trailer cuts between Iron Man and Captain America facing off. We have the implied death of War Machine at the hands of Captain America and his team. The trailer ends with Captain America and Bucky beating down on Iron Man.

I’m sorry, when it comes down to it, Iron Man is really innovative, but he is fighting Captain America. It’s like the Batman/Superman fight. Yes, we all know that Superman is super. The whole strength, flight, laser beams from his eyes. However, when it comes down to it, he isn’t Batman. Superman might be the alien, but Batman is straight up inhuman, capable of feats that we cannot even fathom. Captain America is the Marvel version of Batman (except Captain America has the super-serum—I’m not going to comment on how this makes Batman even more impressive).

Hopefully, the film might actually contain some villains. What happened to Hydra? Completely gone? What about Crossbones? Is there a supervillain by the name of Baron Zemo around? There is even Thunderbolt Ross. Maybe a Red Hulk? More villains please…Maybe they arrive in a different trailer.



What are you thinking?

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