Daredevil vs Gotham

On a regular day of the week I consider myself more of a DC guy than a Marvel guy. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are the Holy triumvirate we revered and respected when we were young. We watched their exploits and wondered at the absolute certainty with which we knew they would continue. Thor, Hulk Captain America, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spiderman and the Fantastic Four, they were around. I knew who they were but we weren’t close, like the big kids who hung out on corner of my block. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, they were different. Unlike the angel and demon that sit on your shoulder giving you good and bad advice, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman were inspirational, voices of reason and truth, dependable and thrilling.

Even with the tidal wave of Marvel films, I usually only visit at the weekend. I watch, as do others, for two hours and then get on with my life. This extended introduction is not meant to bore you (hope it didn’t), it is meant to give you a sense of the how significant it is when I say that Daredevil is a much better TV show than season one of Gotham.

It is not that the absence of Batman. Gordon is a great character and I love crime shows. It should have been good and it didn’t deliver.

Daredevil made no pretentions to individual episodes. It had a sense of purpose and convinced you something significant was happening. Despite moments of uncertainty, the show provided a sense that it had meaning. Gotham just limped along like a lame penguin. I mean Fish Mooney on the island? Why? So she can get off and get pushed off a building? Sorry, I don’t see the point. Daredevil had a clearly defined bigger picture. Of course, the creation of a hero and a villain are not exactly difficult storylines, but wasn’t that also what was happening with Gordon and the Penguin? The difficulty facing Gotham was its own immediate success, or at least the sense of it, that turned a 13 episode show into a 23 episode show. In retrospect were those extra episodes worth the pain?

It is not without some significance that I say that the Daredevil TV show is much better than the Gotham TV show and urge you, if you haven’t already seen season one of Daredevil to go out and watch it before you miss the start of season two.


What are you thinking?

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