When is Suicide Squad in theatres?

You could hardly be mistaken for thinking that the Suicide Squad movie was being released soon. We have front covers of Empire magazine, trailers, interviews, the whole thing that hasn’t even happened for the Star Wars movie. We haven’t even got a proper Captain America: Civil War trailer yet and it is released a whole four months before Suicide Squad. That’s right, the release date for Suicide Squad is still August 5th 2016.

Maybe it’s a Halloween thing? Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is certainly the belle of the ball at the moment. Jared Leto’s Joker is probably the second most used costume this Halloween behind Harley Quinn. Whoever is selling those funky looking shoes, ripped fishnets and baseball bats are making a killing this year. Sales of white face make-up have probably gone through the roof.

So what about the film? We have a full 3 minute trailer which is all about getting the gang together without any sense of why we have a trailer so far ahead of the release date.

At which point does interest in the film turn into boredom at waiting? With another ten months to wait, we shall see.

The recnt news has been close up images of Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc. Now that would be an impressive Halloween costume, but I suppose fishnets and short shorts have a distinctive advantage over a scaly cannibal. What I am waiting for is some action sequences. We’ve seen pimped out Will Smith, guys with guns, helicopters and goat headed man and panda man shooting, but not too much else. Are we going to get more plot details or clips of action sequences in another couple of months?

Maybe we’ll have some clarification on David Ayer’s suggestion that this will “Comic book movie 2.0” rather than fighting aliens. I was really excited about the film, now I have a hazy sense of interest in the film. Let’s see what happens in another six months.

In the meantime, you can see the new images over at Empire.


4 thoughts on “When is Suicide Squad in theatres?

  1. They’ve run into the same pitfall as Batman/Superman, to me – people know these films are being made but WB/DC Comics want the films to be part of their connected universe of films, much like Marvel’s cinematic universe, and so they’re being put into this schedule which they decided to throw together after Man of Steel was successful, but they need to keep interest up, meaning that they have to put out trailers way ahead of schedule. The most bizarre thing is that they don’t even know if Suicide Squad will be a success/how much of a success it’ll be, meaning that if they decide to give it a sequel, then that will force things to be readjusted, just like Marvel having to accommodate Spider-Man and now an Ant-Man sequel.

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    1. The whole connected world films is an odd phenomenon. I think you are right about trying to keep interest in these films. When is comes to this increasing level of connected characters, success might be relative. Whereas another film might not be successful with a 20% profit, because these are connected films, almost anything contributes to the larger world of characters. Thanks for your comment.


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