Spectre Pre-release Anticipation

The New James Bond movie is just over a week away and we have been very excited. There is every evidence that the new movie is an attempt to bring together the new story-telling from Skyfall with the Fleming narratives effectively used in Casino Royale. At worst we are hoping for something better than Quantum of Solace.

Trailers have looked good, clips have boosted our confidence and mysteries created about characters and the nature of Spectre are very reassuring. The Sam Smith theme tune is in place and is growing on me. There is a French Bond girl and the ever amazing Monica Bellucci. Christop Waltz never fails to impress. The Aston Martin looks great and the presence of Andrew Scott in a very Moriarty style role looks interesting. At just under 2 and half hours, it is the longest Bond film and I’m not sure that is a good thing. It is, however, something a little different and when it comes to Bond we are after a little bit of the same and a little bit different.

So, time to get measured up for the tux and order the martini.


What are you thinking?

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