Halloween Horrors in Ghostlight Publication

Halloween is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than a collection of horrifying stories? As luck would have it a collection of horrifying stories has recently become available.

Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers
Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers

You may remember a post in the recent past concerning the publication of one of my stories by the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers (if not, through the magic of hyperlinks, I can take you right there with a quick click of the mouse). The publication is now available on Amazon (here is the Amazon UK link).

It might surprise you to know that I have had a story published in that very anthology (unless you read the previous post, then you’d know all about it). To keep you in the loop, my story is called ‘The Mark of Gratitude.’ Similar to my Violet Reincastle stories, ‘The Mark of Gratitude’ is set in the nineteenth century. Unlike the Violet Reincastle Monster Hunter stories and more like the Growing Pain’s story, ‘Transforming Alice,’ ‘The Mark of Gratitude’ is a horror story.

‘The Mark of Gratitude focuses on the young love between two newly weds who are taking an adventurous trip down the Nile. Unfortunately, for them, they encounter an horrific cult. For us, on the other hand, the terror inflicted by he cult hides a terrible secret.



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