Batman Day. What you need to know.

Batman Day
Batman Day

Saturday is Batman Day. Maybe you didn’t know that.

Like Cheeseburger Day or National Bow Tie Day, Batman Day is not a highly recognized national holiday and it is questionable whether we should be setting up so many national or international days. Many of them seem more like publicity stunts designed to create business. The creation of business in itself is not bad, but we might hope for more inventive ways of creating business at the very least. Would it be too much to ask for better products and services rather than just better publicity?

But back to Batman Day. Batman is a service and a product and a great one. Most of the time, the character is a compelling and engaging product, so do we need a Batman Day? Probably not, but that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating. By celebrating I just mean enjoying the character in his various different forms. Let’s read a story, watch a film, play a game. You don’t have to buy anything, just get your Batman on.

Is there anything we need to know?

Some comic shops and libraries have signings. There are a couple of celebs you can go and see. Maybe some cosplay. A photo-op or two. You might to check local press for details or check out DC’s Batman Day activities.
Otherwise, put on your best Batman t-shirt and have a great Batman Day.


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