Blindspot: Changing the Trend

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog called I weep for women in crime shows. Since then I have been keeping my eyes open, when not full of tears for shows that alter the trend of buddy cop duos where the male character is infinitely more interesting than the female character.

Blindspot is step in the right the direction. Jamie Alexander (you might remember her from Thor where she played the warrior Sif) is the unfortunately named Jane Doe who has no identity but lots of tattoos. The FBI gets involved and the drama begins.

The less than satisfying aspects are the obvious objectification of the female form. This woman arrives naked in Times Square in a bag. Her body is covered with tattoos. In order for her to be a strong female character, she apparently needs to be disfigured in some way because as a viewing public we cannot face a woman who is strong, intelligent and resourceful without the implication that she has been controlled and manipulated in some way. It is a shame…but we shall reserve the slightest hope of something more than an emasculated Blacklist without the hat.


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