Panic among Preteens One Last time? Probably Not

It is occasionally surprising what people want to read. Earlier in the year I wrote about Ariana Grande Causing Panic among Preteens. It turns out many people are still interested in the story.

Over a 100 million people have watched the video on Youtube. Or maybe less people watching the video over and over and over…it doesn’t matter.

The single trended on Twitter…big deal. Grande only has to have breakfast and it will trend on twitter.

The single hit the top twenty. Grande’s fifth song to achieve that status. However, I wasn’t particularly conscious of hearing it and wasn’t impacted by the panic. Which is maybe a shame.

Eurydice is a reference to Greek myth about the nymph who drove Apollo’s sun chariot. Having watched the video there also seems to be the sense that the journey of Orpheus through the underworld to reclaim his wife Eurydice. Orpheus was a musician of such skill he was able to send the Gods into tears. He was told to seek his wife in the underworld where he used his music to tame beasts and ultimately convince Hades to allow him to take Eurydice. The only condition was he needed to lead the way and if he looked back she would be gone forever. He nearly did it, at the very end he was so happy to be free of the underworld he turned back, but Eurydice was not yet out. He never saw her again.

It was a classic found footage video. Ok, but no way as sophisticated as Max Landis’ Chronicle and I didn’t get the story. Where was she going? Running towards the blasts, through flaming rooms and the homes of strange bearded men, into smoke filled corridors? Clearly the arrival of the comet damages an individual’s sense of self-preservation.

The only question I have is who found the footage? If the world is destroyed by a comet there is no one left to watch Ariana Grande videos. Shame.


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