So where is the Captain America: Civil War Teaser Trailer?

Big news at D23. For those of you who don’t know, D23 is the Disney Fan Convention. Well, actually D23 refers to the Disney fan club which is named after 1923, the year good ol’ Walt arrived in Hollywood. The fan club is best known for its expo often referred to as just D23.

But you didn’t come here to find out about obscure abbreviations. Ok, so obscure might be an understatement.

While there were some interesting Star Wars reveals, the big news is a Captain America: Civil War teaser trailer. Out May 6th 2016, the third Captain American film sees an important role for Iron Man and some friction between our happy bunch of Avengers after that Ultron problem.

Apart from a couple of handcam versions of the trailers, anyone who wasn’t at D23 is not going to see the trailer until November, possibly December. We didn’t know this Saturday night when no doubt, thousands of people spent their evening on Google refreshing ‘Captain America: Civil War trailer’ searches. The idea is cool. I like the sense of excitement and anticipation, but I don’t know if having release dates for trailers is the way to go.

Back to the context of the trailer. Significant inclusions in the trailer will be the arrival of the villain Crossbones. You might remember him from Captain America: Winter Solider as the Hydra agent, Brock Rumlow. Oh, and yes, packed full of heroes. Apart from Cap, Iron Man, Falcon, Ant-Man, Vision and a sneaky Spiderman make an appearance.

You might not be able to watch the trailer, but you can watch the chat surrounding the trailer.

What I am also interested in is the Doctor Strange trailer. A little bit of a different character from the ones we have seen so far. There have been lots of Doctor Stranger fan made posters and trailers that I am curious what this film is going to look like.

But we are going to have to wait. Wait for the Captain America trailer and wait for the Doctor Strange trailer.

In the meantime, here are things you don’t have to wait for: a post on Supergirl, the new James Bond film Spectre, the Suicide Squad trailer, a great little Stan Lee video, a crazy plane crash, steampunk short stories, drabbles, some movie reviews and if you are getting a little classical try some great literature in the form of Dorian Gray.


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