Spectre: Franz Oberhauser

Franz Oberhauser? Who? No, not the singer of the new Bond theme, but close.

Franz Oberhauser appears to be the main protagonist for the new Spectre film, but what do we actually know about the character? Very little apart from the fact he is played by Christoph Waltz and he is the villain of the film.

Waltz has claimed that he is not Ernest Stavro Blofeld, the infamous number 1 of SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion). Despite Waltz’s track record of playing villains, I am tempted to believe his character is not Ernest Stavro Blofeld, in this film. Which is to suggest a couple of important ideas:

  • Number 1: that Blofeld does not appear in this film and the next film will continue in a similar way that Quantum of Solace continued to from Casino Royale. A hint of this is given with the appearance of the Quantum representative Mr White from the first two films.
  • Number 2: that Waltz’s character is not Blofeld yet. Do not forget that classic Donald Pleasence Blofeld had a nasty scar across his face. Could Oberhauser play a character who becomes Blofeld? In Fleming’s account of Blofeld, the character was initially employed by the Polish government and when war arrived, he destroyed all evidence of his existence. Are we being set up for a similar transformation that is going to move us into Daniel Craig’s fifth (and possibly final Bond film?).
    Unless we have a massive script leak in the next few months, we will need to wait until November to know for certain. However, there are a few important pieces of information we can gleam from the Spectre trailer.

Waltz’s character is not a good guy. Sitting at the head of the long table, in the dark surrounded by well-dressed individuals either suggests he is a bad guy or it is his birthday party and it’s time to sing. My money is on the bad guy option. Although I like the sound of a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday Franz Oberhauser.”

Bond PhotoThere is a childhood connection. The burnt photography with a teenage Bond and another boy with a missing face suggests that the identity of a bad guy is being hidden. What? Another reason he is a bad guy? Finally, Oberhauser’s comment:
“Welcome James, it’s been a long time and finally here we are.” Sounds a little ominous.

It’s still a long time until November, in the meantime we have a couple of clips to get us in the mood for some Bond.

Day of the Dead Opening Scene:

Car chase through streets of Rome


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