Suicide Squad Trailer

Is it just me or is there something missing here?

When it was just clandestine stills circulating the internet like a bad secret there was a scandalous excitement attached to the film. Now, having watched the trailer it seems too much like every other bad guys do good film. Like the Expendables made up of comic book characters.

Unfortunately my level of interest has dropped from looking forward to the film to generally interested.

With so many possible aspects to the film it is possible the 2 minute trailer is only focusing on those cliched elements the producer considers relevant to making the film acceptable to a general audience. Alternatively there is the Batman/Superman element. Was Suicide Squad overshadowing? Is it necessary to pull Suicide Squad in line with the larger film? We will have to wait until next to see how it plays out.


7 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Trailer

  1. maybe we all should stop watching trailers. some show the best scenes from a movie and then you are disappointed after watching, some others might make the movie look not as interesting as it actually is. we will see i guess 🙂


    1. I have a love/hate relationship with trailers. Sometimes they can be great. Sometimes disappointing. Most of the time they are a poor representation of the film. But if we don’t watch the trailers how do we know to watch the film?

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  2. I don’t have plans to watch Suicide Squad. Having said that, I usually avoid trailers but some can be great to watch. I was reading the other day that a bad trailer is one that shows too much/reveals too much and is indicative of a bad movie trying to sell itself. That was said in reference to the new Batman vs. Superman or whatever that’s coming up. I have zero plans to watch that other either.

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