Growing Pains is Growing

It has been nearly a month since the Growing Pains anthology was published and we have now moved to Amazon. I don’t know if you have heard, I think they sell more than just books. You’ll have you check it out. Try this link to the Growing Pains Amazon page.

While the anthology is a collection of the kind of teenage pain and suffering no one wants to have, my story, called ‘Transforming Alice,’ is a steampunk horror.

growing-painsThe story inhabits the Victorian Steampunk world of Violet Reincastle, monster hunter. While Violet does not make an appearance, there is more than enough in terms of monsters and unusual events in the fictional Victorian England she inhabits. The main character is called Alice, a young girl struggling in the poverty of Victorian London and it’s not exactly your everyday Dickensian tale of the destitute rise out of the shackles of poverty. No, there is something far more sinister happening to Alice.


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