True Detective: You alright bud?

So how did we do?

The new season of True Detective has started. A little while ago I had a True Detective wishlist. Time to see how we got on.

Swinger style Vince Vaughan. A little calm, apart from some justified  anger directed towards a whiskey glass. Not exactly aggressive, confrontational, unstable or scary. We might not have Swinger style Vince Vaughan, but it is definitely not emotional Vince Vaughn or romcom Vince Vaughan or emotional turmoil Vince Vaughn.

Some success.


Unsettling spooky events. Not really “a disturbing sense of unknown forces.” Something is happening. The city manager’s house is unusual and his mutilated dead body is driven around by a guy with a bird head in his passenger seat. “Disturbing” is probably better used to describe the police.

A little success.


A quicker start. Not really quick. The whole episode moves towards the drawing together of our three detectives. There is some violence, but no flashbacks and interviews. Unfortunately, I don’t see episode 2 moving immediately forward with dramatic action.

No success here.


A decent character out of Rachel McAdams. She is messed up, certainly, but no more than the other two detectives. I like the new age preacher dad and webcam star sister. The late night drinking, getting thrown out of a casino, freaky bedroom activities element is promising. She is certainly a strong character and not the emotional centrepoint of the show.

Hurray. Success.


Rust Cohle craziness.  I don’t think crazy is the best way to describe Colin Farrell’s character. He is certainly not Rust crazy.

Slightly successful, if you look at it from an odd angle.


Amazing camera work. The urban slow shots over highways and night time factories were good. You could really feel them moving towards that final shot with the three of them looking at each other. It was the best shot. The drawing away was good, I just don’t understanding why it couldn’t have started tighter on them, with better positioning of the individuals standing around the corpse.

More success.


Observation and deduction. The best piece of deduction? Colin Farrell’s character finding out who was bullying his son. Rachel MacAdams’ character had no idea she busting a webcam house or that her sister was there, not great police work.

Are you detectives or what?


What else?

Well, the police do not get a great rep out of this. At least in season 1 there were some positive depictions of the police. None of that. We are in the neo-noir world of hard drinking, pill popping, emotional messed up individuals, which is not without promise.


The first episode brought the three detectives together, but beyond a dead guy who has some debauched interests, I am not yet seeing anything particularly interesting. I mean, industrial expansion down the rail corridor of California….zzzz, sorry did I doze off for a minute?


What I want to see is how the hell they are going to get on? A Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch hook up? Probably not. A Rachel McAdams and Colin Farrell drinking sessions? Err no. Taylor Kitsch on his bike racing Colin Farrell. Third strike.


So what are their names? If this is going to work, I’ve got to start using character names. We don’t talk about Matthew McConaughey, its always Rusty. So let’s give them a chance. Your True Detective character cheat sheet:

  • Colin Farrell: Detective Ray Velcoro
  • Vince Vaughn: Frank Semyon
  • Rachel McAdams: Ani (full name Antigone) Bezzerides (named after the daughter of Oedipus? Watch out daddy)
  • Taylor Kitsch: Paul Woodrugh (least inspiring or interesting name of the group)

9 thoughts on “True Detective: You alright bud?

  1. So, who killed the comptroller? Any guesses? Too early to say? After all, we’ve only seen one episode. But my wild guess is that a cop did it.


    1. If the first season was anything to go by it was the drug addict smoking crack when Ray attacked the reporter because the comptroller said something unkind about his pet bird when they were in second grade. Maybe.
      Given the unfavourable presentation of the police, I think your guess might be more accurate.

      Liked by 1 person

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