Writing my Blog

I had my doubts about writing a blog. I had read blogs before. Some were good, some were very very bad. I wasn’t sure that my blog would be another more than a drop of mundane personal pontification in an ocean of drivel. Now, I am not saying that my blog is a startling revelation in the modern world, but I am saying that I am surprised how much I enjoy writing my blog.

To begin with I really wasn’t sure what to write and felt like it was difficult getting a clear focus. I mean no one wants to read a 5,000 word blog that rambles into abstraction (I promising that this one won’t exceed 500 words). Now, as I move about my daily life, blog topics pop up faster than I have time to write them (you should see my draft folder–full of unfinished ideas, some won’t make it, others will).

I think it is a shame when you come across a blog that stops sometime in mid-2013 or early 2014 or late 2012. There is a ghostly mystery about what happened. There is an unfinished story that will remain a haunting symbol of a person’s time and energy that ended for an unknown reason. I enjoy writing my blog and will continue to do so for how long I don’t know, but when I am finished, I will give you a goodbye blog. It’s the least I can do.


5 thoughts on “Writing my Blog

  1. Yeah, I dislike it when people just stop and you don’t know what happened to them and their blog. When I’m finished, I will make sure to say so.


  2. I agree. I still don’t think a lot of people can be interested in what I have to say, but I enjoy writing it down and that’s enough for me for now. But I like what you write here.


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