True Detective Season 2 Wishlist

Season 2 of True Detectives is less than a week away. While we could start compiling a list of things we can expect, I would rather a list of things I would like to see in the new season. In no particular order:

Swinger style Vince Vaughan. I don’t want emotional Vince Vaughn or romcom Vince Vaughan or emotional turmoil Vince Vaughn. I want aggressive, confrontational, unstable and little but scary Vince Vaughan.

Unsettling spooky events. Nic Pizzolatto has said there won’t be any occult. Fine. I still want a disturbing sense of unknown forces, even if they turn out to be the people next-door with their music up too loud.

A quicker start. Retrospectively looking at Season 1, the over dependence on the Rusty and Marty’s interviews was a bit boring and ultimately meant everything was happening in the last episode. Let’s have some dramatic tension action from the beginning.

A decent character out of Rachel McAdams. We don’t want some weak female character who is the emotional centrepoint of the show while all the male characters are more interesting (see here for what we don’t want). No wrestling with emotional turmoil from you McAdams.

Rust Cohle craziness. It is unlikely to come from Rachel McAdams, it might come from Colin Farrell, but I want the essence of Rust crazy.

Amazing camera work. Who can forget the six minute tracking shot? No cut. No edits, just great visuals. More please.

Observation and deduction. We don’t want to find out that the True Detective is nothing more than macabre noir. There needs to be some observation and deduction. It’s called True Detective after all.


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