Latest Spectre Trailer

If you haven’t heard (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t have heard) the next James Bond film is called Spectre and will be released this year, as is tradition for James Bond films, in November.  A second, slightly longer teaser trailer has been released featuring the new Aston Martin DB10 (the car has been made specially for the film). Bond looks like he is hanging out in the Eyes Wide Shit (oops was that a typo?) mansion (fingers crossed Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman don’t turn up naked–it would certainly dampen my James Bond enthusiasm).

Monica Belluci makes a steamy appearance. If you don’t remember Belluci watch her ten minutes in The Matrix reloaded. Andrew Scott (remember him as Moriarty in the Cumberbatch Sherlock) will be a villain, possibly an MI6 agents (maybe a Trevelyan character, see Goldeneye).

Christoph Waltz claims he’s not Ernst Stavro Blofeld despite sitting in the villain chair looking very much like number one. Apparently, Walt’s character is called Franz Oberhauser, the son of Bond’s ski instructor and father figure after his parents are killed. I’m not buying that given the villain chair scenario.

All in all, a good looking trailer.

Quick background: Spectre is the criminal organization created by Ian Fleming for his 8th James Bond novel Thunderball in 1961. It stands for Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion and has a nice octopus symbol.

Now, time to watch the trailer.


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