Batman Sneak Peek

The most recent DC Comics wide extravaganza is coming to an end and if you remember a previous post (head here if you don’t) you’ll remember that Commissioner Gordon is taking over as Batman. Well, a Robot Bunny Batman.

New Batman

I have to admit that specific details of the Convergence event has left be behind, but I am really excited about the return to the monthly additions heading our way tomorrow. The first week is going to present us with Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Justice League. A few to watch for. But next week we have the return to Batman and the big change in the Batman universe (at least for now) with Gordon running around in the Robot Bunny suit.

If you want a quick catch up, check out the sneak peek kindly provided by DC and I will see you next Wednesday to hopefully shed some light on the new batman storyline. See you then.

Batman Comics Sneak Peek


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