Persona Synthetics: Intruging or Lackluster Adverts?

You might have noticed a number of unusual adverts running at the moment for Persona Synthetics. Odd little adverts presenting the New Generation of synthetic humans. You can even head over to eBay to try and buy one for £20k.

The first time I saw the advert was running in an Agents of SHIELD break. Have a look for yourself.

The advert is relatively creepy by itself and also a little vague. Of course, when you follow the link, you will find this website that clearly states: “This page is an advertisement for Humans on Channel 4”.

This is very little more than a little viral marketing. Vaguely interesting but nothing about the TV show itself. For those of you interested, Humans is based on a Swedish SciFi drama of a couple of years ago which ran for a couple of seasons before it ran out of money.

Is the Channel 4 version going to be able to get beyond the basic looking drama? Channel 4 have done some good SciFi inspired dramas sets in the near future (or even now). I am thinking of Utopia. But the problem here is there is a lack of SciFi that makes this look a little like a cheap BBC show. Maybe, but not if the Persona adverts are anything to go by. Humans is out later in the year, so we shall see….


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