Bruce Wayne not Batman? So who…..

Warning: Batman comic spoiler.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

A big change is happening in the Batman comics. If you check out the DC solicitations, or for you and me, the preview, you will see a very different looking Batman. Rather than the distinctive look of Bruce Wayne in the Batman costume that hasn’t changed much in decades, there is a large robot bunny looking Batman.

New Batman

The last big change to batman’s appearance was the Knightfall story line way back in the early 90s. Bane arrived for the first time, broke Bruce’s back and Jean-Paul Valley replaced Bruce in the suit. (Jean-Paul Valley was a boy, young man who had been indoctrinated since birth to fulfill the role of the Angel of Death by The Order of St. Dumas. Sounds a little like the court of owls if you have been reading Batman since the new 52).

The events of Batman 40 has left some doubt over the future of Bruce in the suit. The Free Comic Book Day Convergence issues has given us an alternative Batman scenario. Are you ready? If you haven’t already heard, Jim Gordon (AKA Commissioner Gordon) is suiting up and taking Bruce’s place as a robot Batman.

Except this Gordon doesn’t look like the usual Jim Gordon. He looks rather…ginger.

Gordon as Batman

What does the future hold for Gordon as Batman? It is unclear. He might make it beyond the Convergence min-series, but here’s hoping that it won’t be too long before Bruce is back in the suit.

Disclaimer: All images property of DC Comics. Love ya…


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