Bad Movie Ratio

If my blogs were transferred into an infograph, I would be totally unsurprised to find out that my subjects follow decreasing cycles. I seem to have a burst of focus on a subject that gradually decreases before I head over to another subject. Ok, so the subjects are generally pretty similar, but take my current focus, bad movies.

I don’t know why but, at the moment, I seem to be on bad movie kick. I can’t seem to watch a good movie. I don’t feel like I am self-destructively watching bad movies and yet here I am not able to remember the last really good movie I watched. I know I have watched good movies, but as I begin to recall them I find my bad movie focus makes me pick out the less effective elements.

So, first of all, a big sorry for the bad movie focus.

That being said, I am interested in the bad movie ratio. How many bad movies do we end up watching before we stumble into that great movie? I know that different people enjoy different movies for different reasons. I personally liked Howard the Duck and a movie version of the British TV Show The Avengers and I know someone who loved Showgirls, I can’t think why they might like a film about Vegas showgirls.

So what do you reckon, how many bad movies do we watch before we get to a good one? Is it 10 to 1? Less? More? Or is it possible that our mind just gives in and after so many movies we just think the movie is good regardless just so we won’t give up on movies altogether?


What are you thinking?

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