Drive Hard

I got the sense that the movie was never meant to leave Australia. It made me think of Will Farrell’s Talladega Nights when Ricky Bobby is doing foreign market adverts for prune candy.

John Cusack and Thomas Jane star in an Australian set film about a thief and an ex-racing driver and I don’t think either of them want you to know it was them.

Cusack is Simon Keller, the thief out for a little revenge after spending five years in prison and Jane is Peter Roberts, the ex-racing driver who is having relationship issues until he becomes Keller’s reluctant wheelman. Nothing too outlandish about the premise.

In actually, it seems like Cusack and Jane take pains to go undetected as actors. At no point, and I am not over-exaggerating, does Cusack take off his dark glasses. Maybe once or twice does he remove a black baseball cap. As for Jane, he couldn’t disguise his voice and general appearance, but used long hair to make himself look as different as possible.

And what of the film? It was ok. A narrative oddity when the Australian Hells Angels were brought in seemingly just because. Otherwise it was a vengeance plot with an emasculated man’s rise to dominance in his house. The police sub-plot was unusually irrelevant. It was almost like the actors had been brought in to pad out the plot. Never once did the two American actors share screen time with the Australian police. I would believe that Cusack and Jane were brought in as an afterthought, or, even better, the film was originally focused on the Australian police and it was considered so terrible Cusack and Jane were brought in.

I wouldn’t bother watching it again and if I had a time machine, I wouldn’t waste the trip into the past to stop myself watching it.


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