Valentine Drabble

The celebrations of St. Valentine’s day. The most romantic day of the year, the day of love, the biggest excuse of the year to bestow flowers, chocolate and sweet words of adoration on the love you life. What better way to celebrate than a drabble?

Speculative Valentine DrabblesOk, so drabble doesn’t exactly sound particularly romantic, which is a shame.

Intense and passionate, a Valentine drabble is a 100 word story. Not a poem, although many poems are longer. It is prose and narrative. Accessible and full of the complexities and wonders of love, a drabble is great anytime of the year and well suited to the passions of St. Valentine’s day.

And how can you get your hands on a drabble? Well look no further, below is a Valentine drabble, just for you.

Having tasted your appetite head over to the publishers of Indie Authors Press and get your hands on a whole anthology of Valentine drabbles. A romantic gift? Certainly. A great read? Without doubt.

Get a copy of Valentine drabbles sent directly to your dearly beloved. Chocolates will get eaten, flowers will wilt, fiction keeps giving.

Private Romance by T.W.Garland
Had Vaughn been looking, he would have seen her voluptuous silhouette against the misted glass of his office door. But he wasn’t looking.
She walked across the cheap tiles, her steel tipped stilettos cracking more than one before she reached his untidy desk.
“I have a problem,” she said through lips that looked like the expensive cherry red paint job on a mustang.
Everything about her screamed danger and yet Vaughn responded with uncontrolled excitement. Reflected in the black lens of her sunglasses he could see pain, suffering and blind commitment.
He wondered why he never met any nice girls.

Visit or and get your Valentine Drabbles.

P.S. My Valentine Drabble in Speculative Valentine Drabbles 2015 is called The Dance. Hope you enjoy.


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