Ariana Grande Causing Panic among Preteens

Ariana Grand has announced that she is releasing a new video of her song One Last Time in a few days (check out her tweet if you don’t believe me). Now a new music video is possible cause for preteen hysteria, but what is going to throw the level of hysteria into astronomical proportions is the subject of the new video.

Max Landis, the writer behind the Chronicle film about youths with superpowers, has written a music video based on the Earth being thrown into the tail of the Comet Eurydice (I like the Greek reference to the nymph who drove Apollo’s sun chariot).

Now the problem here, apart from google breaking down because everyone is googling ‘comet eurydice’, is a little confusion between a music video and Armageddon. Surely not?

Could thousands of teens get the wrong idea and mistake a countdown for a video with a countdown for Armageddon? I don’t want to admit it is possible, but it is possible.

Time will tell. There are only eight days to go…


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