Crazy Footage of Taiwanese Plane Crash

As far as real life footage goes, this is crazy.

What is equally crazy is the integration of cameras into dashboards. On the one hand, the practical implications of cameras in police cars seems logical for the purposes of keeping an unbiased account of incidents involving the police. Extending the logic to the vehicles of ordinary drivers seems like a smart move and potentially renders responsibility a moot point in the case of accidents. It is also true that, as people, we act better if we are being watched.

But we are human and to err is human. If all aspects of our lives are recorded, our mistakes, however minor are recorded and can be used against us, possibly turned into viral youtube videos, we are put under a huge amount of pressure not to make a mistake. In the outset, this may have possible effects on individual behaviour, I worry about the internal pressure and psychological damages. Are we breeding a race of people unwilling to make mistakes, afraid to make mistakes, unwilling to leave their house for the fear of global humiliation?

After a rather serious moment, back to the jaw-dropping plane crash. Wow.


One thought on “Crazy Footage of Taiwanese Plane Crash

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