Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day.

Do people wish each other Happy Groundhog Day? Are there greeting cards? I would say there is a 100% likelihood of there being greeting cards.

Is there anything better than an overfeed rat attracting the attention of thousands of people to apparently predict the weather. Err…yes. And that would be the classic Bil Murray film Groundhog Day.

If you want information about the Groundhog in Punxsutawney look no further than this professionally produced pdf cataloging the three days of events on offer. Unfortunately, you have missed some events, but there is still time to get to Phil’s Birthday Party, The Scavenger Hunt, have a Groundhog wedding and watch the free showing of Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day.

Bill Murray’s comedy makes the film brilliant and should not be undervalued, just as the narrative should not be overlooked. In addition to Phil progressing through a lifetime of human reactions to a very real problem of feeling stuck in his life, it is a film about community. Phil starts off as a self-involved prick. When he starts having fun it is all about him, which isn’t far off when he tries to kill himself and then announces himself as a god, “not the God, a god.”

It is only when Phil becomes a part of the people around him, when he notices who is around and what they need (rather than focusing on what he needs) does he achieve the perfect day.

The essence of a perfect day is it is a life affirming experience. Possibly more important than the often more frequent crap day, the perfect day helps you realize what is possible and lets you know how important you are. They aren’t easy (and now I feel like I am preaching-when did this become a religious blog?) but we should be striving for that perfect day. Oh yes, and watching out for the Groundhog shadow.


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