Femme Fatale: Poison Ivy

We’ve had femmes fatales in poetry, nineteenth century fiction and James Bond films. What else is there? Comic books for course. With his own brand of dark vigilante justice and personal code of conduct, Batman comics are begging for a great femme fatale and they get their fair share.

Most people might jump straight to Catwoman, but I want to linger for a moment with Poison Ivy. Think about it for a minute. Poison Ivy is your leisured woman. She hangs around in a light covering of tight fitting garments (or just flowers) and has men doing her bidding. She isn’t running around rooftops, working hard to create trouble or steal cat shaped museum artifacts. Poison Ivy is at ease and still dangerous.

Whether it is her natural pheromone, a lipstick created from a variety of flowers or a chemical altered physiology, Poison Ivy is difficult to resist. So difficult to resist that the only man who seems able to fight her is Batman and if Batman can only just do it your normal guy does not stand a chance.

And what does Poison Ivy want? She wants attention and flowers and men cowering at her feet doing her bidding. She is seductive and dangerous. There are usually a few dead guys hanging around and a couple of other guys willing to die for her. Sounds like a femme fatale to enjoy from a distance.


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