Time Lapse

I finished watching the film. My first reaction? “That was good, I should totally tell people about it.”

I started explaining it and it didn’t seem so great. It was clearly an independent film. One of those small productions with minimal budgets looking for a break through. Just like the slew of self-published novels, there are a lot of them out there. Unlike ebooks, independent films have no Amazon to sell their product (Note for another time—how about a Youtube that allows you purchase a movie by an independent film maker? How many terrible teen productions do you think we’d get?).

I have to wonder at the Time Lapse pitch meeting. “We’ve got a great movie for you. Picture this, a girl, her boyfriend and another guy live in a rubbish apartment. They are a frustrated gambler, a frustrated artist and a frustrated novelist. They have a very big window which allows everyone to see what they are doing to the point that the mad scientist across the road points a massive time machine camera at their window and takes pictures of their future. They find the camera and their lives unravel as they faced with opportunity and terrible consequences.”

I did like the narrative limitations. The way the audience initially views the characters is restricted, while encouraging you to make certain assumptions. I like that. The difficulty is the end. It is almost too well put together. Everything that happens at the end makes sense and a very defined conclusion is drawn about the representation and consequences of time, to the point that the movie plays with that Back to the Future sense of time changing. You remember the disappearing Marty McFly in Back to the Future. Time Lapse plays on your understanding and seems to simplify it, which is where it falls down. In Time Lapse, there are no consequences of manipulation of time because time is not manipulated merely exploited. The narrative is too tight and questions about causality are openly mocked, which I liked but left me feeling like there wasn’t much left unsaid.

So, what I am going to do is give you a little time to watch the film and post about the philosophy of time as presented in Time Lapse at a later date. Too many time references?

Catch the trailer for Time Lapse here.


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