The Line Up: Crime Reviews

Welcome to The Line-up, a review of crime novels new and old. I reserve the right to review non-crime novels as well.

Straight off the bat, like the brains of a snitch found by an enforced, I telling you that I don’t include novels I really didn’t like.

If I don’t like a novel, I skim to the end and get on with my life. It probably means that I’m not going to make the hallowed heights of a full-time critic or professional review blogger, but hey, I don’t like the weather up there. What I do like is a well written novel that isn’t just part on an author’s ongoing attempt to squeeze the next purchase out of their readers.

Second thing you should know, this ain’t Wikipedia. I’m not giving you a run down of the author’s life, the publishing details or how well the thing sells. Half the time, I’m not even going to give you the full plot. What I will give is an honest reaction, which sometimes means me telling you how I felt or what I ended up drinking after I finished the novel. Or I might go off on one about character arcs. Who knows.

Reading a novel is all about the mood it puts you in (I can only hazard a guess at the mood 50 shades or Twilight puts their readers in). My reviews are going to be heavy on what I was thinking and feeling and light on the advert plot summaries. I hope you enjoy.

Check out the first Line Up: Ross MaDonald’s The Chill starring his detective Lew Archer.


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