Coming Soon: Gotham

I’ve heard the hype, read the reviews and I’m still excited.

I watched Arrow. It was a little rough around the edges. Stephen Amell was ok. I have to admit being distracted by his stubble and moles. I wasn’t a big fan of Laurel Lance or Thea Queen (Thea seems to have a permanently fixed jaw—you need to get that sorted love). Felicity I liked, although Felicity and Oliver was not a good match (you can’t have Black Canary and expect any other coupling). Diggle (played by David Ramsey) was probably my favourite character. They messed around with some of the characters so much they became irrelevant (can anyone say Amanda Waller?). The flashbacks got a bit annoying (in the second episode), but still I watched.


Now with Gotham I am expecting a different standard. There is less than one week to go and I would really like this to be good and not some irrelevant re-imagining of a well constructed narrative and set of characters. I have my doubts, but I remain hopeful. However, watching Arrow has taught me that if I already have a vague connection, I’ll watch just about anything.

Head over to IGN for Seven reasons they are excited about Gotham. Although I’m not sure why Jim Gordon isn’t number one. Isn’t it his show? We’ll see.


What are you thinking?

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